Friday, 3 August 2012

Library Points: A System to Encourage Effective Use of Library Resources

The Library of KV Kanjikode initiated a system of Library Points with the following objectives.
  • Improve reading habits of the students
  • Promote better and effective utilisation of the library
  • As a transparent criteria for recognising the students for the User of the Month and Best User Awards and Prizes
  • Encourage timely return of books to the library
  • Ensure maximum participation in library events and activities
  • Encourage proper shelving of books
  • Motivate students in usage of reference books
  • Encourage the students to write book reviews
  • Better library behaviour
How it works?
In this system, every students is credited points for each and every library related activity including issue and return of books, consultation of reference works, library behaviour, shelving and replacement of books, book reviews etc. The library software has been modified to provide the facility of adding and tracking the library points of the members. For every book issued, a member is credited with two library points and one point is deducted if the book is returned after due date.
Similarly, participation in library competitions, assistance in the library etc. will help them to get a point credited to their account. One point each will be deducted from their account for any damage to the book, scribbling, improper handling etc.
Each month the topper is selected as the User of the Month. The User of the Month will be given a free book from the library. At the end of the academic session, the Best Users will be selected for the School and for different classes and will be awarded certificates and prizes. All the students who score a minimum library point for issuing books from the library (as fixed by the Library Committee) will be given Reading Achievement Certificates.
Visit the Library Website for the winners of previous academic session.

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