Monday, 29 October 2012

S.R Ranganathan

Father of Library Science
S.R Ranganathan
Painting by Mr. A Ramakrishna
ART Teacher, KV No.2 Vijayawada

Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan is considered as the Father of Library Science in India.
Ranganathan's major contributions to library science were in classification and indexing theory. His Colon Classification (1933) introduced a system that is widely used in research libraries around the world.   His Five Laws of Library Science (1931) was widely accepted as a definitive statement of the ideal of library service. He also drafted plans for a national and several state library systems, founded and edited several journals, and was active in numerous professional associations.
Ranganathan was born in Shiyali in Tanjavoor District of Tamil Nadu on 9th August 1892.
In 1962 he founded and became head of the Documentation Research and Training Centre in Bangalore, with which he remained associated for the rest of his life, and in 1965 he was honoured by the Indian government with the title of national research professor in library science.
He died on September 27, 1972.

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